TMC 100SP-BL - Ami senza ardiglione

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This new hook features SPS-Barbless point and heavier wire than TMC100 is strong enough for big ones. We expect that this new barbless dry fly hook will be the new global standard.

Dry Fly, Down Eye, 0X-1X heavy, 1.5X wide, Forged, SPS point, Barbless, Bronze

Sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

20 units

This SP point series hooks are the embodiment of the perfect harmony of the penetration power and hook strength. Its edged and hollowed point lowers the resistance of penetration and thus it will increase speed of the penetration. Then these hooks pierce a fish's mouth easily. Biologically speaking, when a hook pierces a fish's mouth in a flash, the wound will be constricted. That is one of the reasons why these hooks have true stable holding ability. When SP point comes in barbless, those features will be more prominent. The basal part of the point has "apron" on both sides. These tiny swelling will work as barb to some degree. Those hollowed triangular points are practical enough that can be sharpened easily on the spot.

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