Stroft Tippet Dispenser - Set of 5 Tippet Spool System

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The STROFT tippet dispenser system consists of cutter rings, coil holders and short strap. The cutter rings are equipped with specially made blades (from Solingen). They are made of high-alloy stainless steel with gold-colored titanium nitride coatings and allow a very light and smooth cut, even with thick and tough and also with braided lines. By the clamping device, the string ends are always at hand. Simply pull the cord out of the clamping device, pull off the desired cord length, lay the blade, put it on -> finished! The bobbin holder holds 3 STROFT leader coils (when using fewer than 3 leader coils, it must be filled with empty coils with cutter ring). The sets can be equipped with a short strap, for example, outside worn of your clothes.

The set of 5 consists of:

 5 pieces of cutter rings
 1 piece spool holder (for 5 coils)
 1 piece short strap
 25 pieces labels
 1 piece assembly instructions

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