SSS Angel Hair by Mikael Frödin

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Without doubt, Mikael Frödin is one of the most important names in modern flyfishing for salmon and seatrout. Read his comments on his new Salar Synthetic Series (SSS) Fly Tying Materials: Ever since, the name SALAR has become a well-known trademark associated with me and my ideas. I have even on occasions jokingly been called “Mr Salar”. Many of my creations have been given the name SALAR as so the latest addition that will be launched in November of 2010 – The SSS - “Salar Synthetic Series” – a new, groundbreaking series of fly-tying material that will simplify and improve my way and hopefully also your way of tying. There are a few other ideas that I’m currently working on that hopefully will be on the market in the close future.

SSS - Angel Hair
I use Angel Hair in almost all my fly creations today. In the smallest flies I use merely one or two strands of Angel Hair as the only flash element. In the bigger flies I mix Angel Hair and natural hair to create an optimal and appetizing mix. Angel Hair was a god sent for my fly designs. I have often made my own mixtures, color combinations to harmonize well with my patterns. It was rather natural for me to start creating my own Angel Hair blends. I have put together 15 different blends where three of them have strongly fluorescent streaks. With these blends I manage all of my creations - from the smallest fly for sunny days to the meanest, biggest fly for the murkiest water.

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