Solarez UV Cure Fly Tie Resin 3x5g Pack

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In this useful little set you will find 3 UV resins from Solarez in the Thin, Thick and Flex versions.

Flex: The flexible finish is ideal for flies and streamers where extra movement is required. This flexible UV resin can also be used for wader repairs!

Thin: The Solarez UV Cure Thin Hard UV resin provides a super hard and scratch-resistant surface after curing.
The thin liquid formula soaks the carrier material and is ideal for thin coatings on bodies and fly heads.

Thick: Viscous UV resin for the production of thick layers such as bodies, heads, eyes, etc.
The viscous formula is easy to work with and delivers perfect results on the fly.

Application tip:
It is essential to apply in the shade! Expose with intense UV light for one second. Wait 15 seconds and expose again for one second. Then please wait briefly and then expose it to UV light for 30 seconds to cure. This technique reduces unnecessary heat exposure to the resin, thus reducing shrinkage.

Contents: 3 x 5g

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