Solarez Bone Dry Ultra Thin Color

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Solarez UV Resin Ultra Thin color is similar great performance as the famous Bone Dry Ultra Thin product yet in bright colors. Ideal for accents and hot spots. Outstanding vibrant colors, fast dry with UV the Solarez High Output UVA Flashlight. Perfect for perdigon flies & hot spots on nymphs.

Solarez UV Resin Ultra Thin Color is an outstanding user friendly ed eco friendly performer but it can crystallise with prolonged exposure at low temperatures. It might happen in shipping, as an example, in winter if left inside a vehicle or in the checked baggage on a flight.

If this happen, it will look like the resin has gone clumpy. The remedy: simply heat Solarez UV Resin Ultra Thin color to about 35-40 C°. Heat the bottle in a microwave oven for maximum 10 seconds. Or you might place the bottle in a hot water bowl or over a heater. Once this has been achieved, the Solarez UV Resin Ultra Thin color will be in perfect unaltered condition and ready to use again.

+ Ultra Low Viscosity
+ High Strength
+ Cures Bone Dry in Seconds by UV Light
+ High Gloss
+ Vibrant Colors
+ Great for Accents & Hot Spots

Content: 14 g
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