Fly Fishing for Steelhead in British Columbia

British Columbia Skeena

BC Steelheading

Skeena Spey is a company comprised of dedicated Spey anglers, all of who live a life committed to the pursuit of the largest wild Steelhead and Salmon in the world.

The Fishing

Spring - Steelhead and King Salmon In March and April the weather warms and fresh runs of Steelhead enter the river; Spring Chinook (King) Salmon begin migrating upriver and kicking anglers butts. During May spring flowers and fresh hot steelhead continue to arrive through the end of the month. As the water begins to rise, more and more Chinook Salmon are hooked, excellent water for the hardest fighting fish you can imagine. Summer - Steelhead,King, Coho, Chum, Sockeye & Pink salmon June is a good month for Chinook Salmon as big Spring Kings continue to move into the Skeena as more melting snow triggers migrations. Experienced spey anglers enjoy strong fish in the high water associated with early summer. July to August sees the river dropping and a full variety of Salmon in the river including early Steelhead. This is excellent time to fish for the big Kings; 50+ pound fish will challenge every bit of your equipment and determination. Autumn - Steelhead & Coho Salmon In September and October the Steelhead & Coho salmon run throughout the Skeena system. As bright fall colors appear, Coho enter their native streams bright and fresh from the ocean. This is prime time to fish the Kalum for Steelhead. These are some of the most beautiful waters and time of the year to catch Steelhead.