Simms Wool Core Crewneck, pebble

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Unsheepish engineering for merciless environments

Montana Wool Core Crewnecks deliver a bundle of on-the-water layering benefits thanks to hardworking 18.5-micron wool. This superfine insulator delivers plush next-to-skin feel, while neutralizing odors and regulating core temperatures through hellish weather—even when wet. Mobility stems from unmatched stretch and recovery, and flatlock stitched seams prevent chafing for a smooth, durable finish. Stitched in the United States, by Simms.

Made in the USA with wool fibers from Montana
18.5 micron, super fine wool provides soft, next-to skin comfort, retains its insulation properties when wet and is naturally odor resistant
Unique knitting process provides unmatched stretch and recovery in a light fabric weight
Flatlock stitched seams prevent chafing

Fabric Tech: 100% Montana Wool
Weight: 6.5 oz/185g
Size: S-XXL

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