Loop OPTi Coast 693-4A Canna Mosca

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499,00 €

Coda: AFTM 6, lunghezza: 9'3" (2.82m), peso: 149g, 4 pezzi, peso/coda: 12-16g

Action: Fast Action 
Grezzo materiale: Grafite, Cross Weave tecnologia
Colore: Gloss Blu/Grigio
Impugnatura: X Grip Epoxy-cork   
Portamulinello: Alluminio
Anelli: Passanti a serpentina
Tube in cordura
30 anni Garanzia


The Opti Coast was designed to handle the windy conditions found on the coast. With a strong, crisp and quick action the rod will cut through the wind and allow you to reach those hard to get to rips. Looking for tight loops in the wind? Then the Opti Coast is the rod for you.

opti - takes you to the next level!
Now we are talking optimised rods. With our brand new OPTi series we assume that you, as a fly fisher, know what you want. You want rods that do what they’re designed for and do it better than others. Rods adapted for a specific fishing situation or place. They're incredibly strong and flexible that puts some demands on your skills as a fly fisher. If you have the ability you will take your fly fishing to the next level. Quite simply, optmised rods. The OPTi series consists of 13 single-hand and 8 double-hand models that covers everything from stealthy fishing on all four to heavy salmon in rough waters.

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