Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey 4116-4 Canna da mosca

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The Hydrogen Trout Spey models offer trout anglers a new, highly-efficient way to cover water, and two-handed anglers a way to scale their favorite pursuit to trout-sized waters.

AFTM line: 4, length: 11'6" (3.50m), weight: 125g, 4 pcs., casting weight: 250-325 grain

- Lightest rod in its class
- Super tuned, smooth and medium-fast action shaft construction
- Single foot guides for improved tip recovery
- CNC machined and skeletonised anodised aluminium reel seat
- Pinpoint accuracy through improved rod tracking
- Blank with matt finish to reduce flash
- Epoxy coated section tips to prevent sticking
- Premium quality cork grips at mid-height
- Nymph actions have a softer tip for easier turning
- Fully protected cordura tube with dividers
- 30 year warranty
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