Picasso Shock Blade ChatterBait 14g, #5/0

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The 14g Shock Blade from Picasso is a top class chatterbait. Starting with the neatly painted, lovingly designed head with 3D eyes to the high-quality silicone fringes to the perfectly shaped blade that sets the entire bait in strong vibrations - the Shock Blade really leaves nothing to be desired. He shows his incomparable game reliably even at a very low speed. The Chatterbait can also be provided with a rubber bait as a trailer. The wire keeper on the hook shank holds it securely in position. Speaking of hooks: The 3X Strong Mustad Ultra Point is not only super sharp, but also absolutely suitable for large fish. Whether jigged or simply cranked: You can rely on the Shock Blade when pike, black bass, pikeperch or large perch are the target!

Content: 1 piece per pack
Length: 12 cm
Actuals. Bait weight: 19g
Hook: MUSTAD Ultrapoint
Hook Size: 5/0
Manufactured in USA

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