Pacchiarini Wave Tails

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With the wave tails from Pacchiarini you can achieve the baitfish effect!

The dream of every fly fisher is to create an artificial bait that has the perfect ability to imitate so as to provide an irresistible appeal to its prey.
In addition, a streamer should always remain attractive even in poor visibility such as muddy waters or night fishing.

The Wave Tails are fascinating in every way!
Made from a very thin, absolutely tear-resistant and hard-wearing textile tarpaulin, coated with colors and holographic elements. Their unique behavior in the water is terrific. Wave tails can also be attached to weighted flies. The sink rate of the fly line allows you to reach the desired depth. Wave tails look extremely seductive to predators and create enormous pressure underwater.

Sizes: # M / L - for sea trout, perch and salmon
XL - for larger streamers, especially for perch
XXL - for pike and saltwater streamers

Contents: 7 pieces per pack
Made in Italy
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