Pacchiarini Waterpushing Discs

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Very easy to use! When you tie the streamer, simply pull it over the hook shank and fix it with a little epoxy. The resulting waves that the pike streamer then hits in the water are extremely attractive and attract the full attention of the fish.

His experience led Paolo Pacchiarini to design these original Waterpushing Discs which, together with his other artificial baits such as Wiggle Tails, Wave Tails, Dragon Tails and Double Dragon Tails, cover all areas of fishing situations.

Diameter: 20mm
Contents: 10 pieces per pack
Target fish: pike, trout, snook, tarpon & bass


Since 1985 Paolo Pacchiarini has practiced fly fishing exclusively for large predatory fish. He is an international member of the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) and holds 12 world records!

Paolo has published two books on Black Bass and Pike Fly Fishing, is a regular contributor to some of the major fly fishing magazines, and is a regular presenter on several TV shows and shoots around the world (SKY Big Fish).

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