Pacchiarini Dragon Tails, XL

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Dragon Tails by Pacchiarini - a must have for pike fishing, Made in Italy!

After the great success of the Wiggle Tails, Paolo Pacchiarini has come up with something new. Niklas Bauer and the Youtube videos "Fly vs. Jerk" have introduced the Dragon Tails. Its special jagged shape is reminiscent of a dragon's tail, creating seductive pressure waves on the water. Many big pikes over 10 kg could be landed herewith! Irresistible for pikes and other predatory fish!

Material: thin, absolutely tear-resistant and very durable textile tarpaulin.

With matching "snaps for hooks" or "snaps for tails" a quick change of the Wiggle Tails is a breeze.

Content: 3 pieces per pack
Size: XL
Made in Italy

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