Orvis Clearwater #8 11' Canna Switch

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Coda: AFTM 8, lunghezza: 11' (3.35m), peso: 189g, 4 pezzi, peso/coda: 25-27g

Action: Medium Fast Action 
Grezzo materiale: Grafite
Colore: Gloss verde intenso Finish 
Impugnatura: Sughero due mani
Portamulinello: Alluminio con Carbonio
Anelli: Passanti a serpentina e stripping guide finitura chrome
Tube in cordura 
25 anni Garanzia

Looking for a rod that can perform when teamed with traditional Spey lines but also shine with newer Scandinavian and Skagit set-ups? Powerful enough for large water yet nimble for smaller salmon and steelhead waters, the 8-weight Clearwater Switch rod can readily be under- or over-weighted with a variety of lines, allowing for versatility in a number of situations and conditions. The shorter 11-foot length allows for ease of casting in tight, challenging environments. Simply put, fishing big water with big fly rods requires a lot of effort. Why not make it easier - and more affordable - for yourself? Clearwater® Switch rods provide high-end performance at an excellent price, giving you the back-saving ease of two-handed casting with wallet-saving benefits. Now you can chase steelhead across the country and still have enough gas money to make it back home. Designed in Manchester, Vermont.

Delivery without Fly Reel.

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