Coq de Leon Substitute Feathers

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Coq de Leon is a type of feather of a special type of roosters from the Leon area in Spain. You can find two main groups of roosters: Indio and Pardo. These feathers from both families must be very bright on the front and this clarity must be kept on the back of the feather.

On the PARDO feathers, the speckles penetrate the feather in different sizes and must be clearly visible on both sides.
Indio is usually equivalent to non-speckled feather pigmentation.
The roosters are generally gray, dun, brown or black with subtle shades and colors. Both Indio and Pardo feathers are used to tie fantastic flies. The fibers are used to make fantastic tails and hackles for dry flies and wet flies. The fibers of the feathers are transparent when you check them in the sun, elastic and very shiny.

We offer the perfect Coq de Leon substitute feathers, we call them substitute because they are not from the Leon area in northwestern Spain.

- Coq de Leon feathers come from the kidney area and are the best from a quality point of view
- We have 2 types in the program. The normal feathers are not that long compared to other neck or saddle feathers, but the fibers are almost all the same length and the saddle feathers which are much longer.
- The shape of a normal Coq de Leon feather is more rounded in the tip.
- Coq de Leon feathers are used not only for tying tails, but also for tying wings and neck hackles (Spanish style)
- 12 feathers / pack

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