Ande Monofilament Shock-Tippet

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Our choice for Tarpon Shock Tippets. We like Ande over Mason in the #50 to #80 lbs class since it is easier to knot and to straighten out. Easy-handling mono skeins on skirted spools for fast rigging! Skirted spool makes onboard leader making easy.

Color: Clear

Available on 50 yds (45 m) spools

#20 lbs (0.45 mm)
#30 lbs (0.55 mm)
#40 lbs (0.60 mm)
#50 lbs (0.70 mm)
#60 lbs (0.80 mm)
#80 lbs (0.90 mm)
#100 lbs (1.00 mm)

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