NAM REN Double Handed Fly Rods - Canna pesca a mosca a due mani

1.090,00 €
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These are the two-handed fly rods from the REN series from NAM. The next salmon season is therefore secured.

The REN Blanks are made of a unique graphite blend with incredible tensile strength. This makes it possible to equip the rods with a very light, fine tip that combines a high level of precision with extreme sensitivity. The non-progressive medium to deep action in the main part of the blank provides a balanced casting feel. The result: very high line speeds without sacrificing finesse. Already on the first meters of the line, the rod is loaded, even without having to frantically "flail" the rod.

The thin blank made of modern carbon fiber presents itself in a traditional dark brown finish. Blank with ultra-light but robust snake guides and a stripping guide, made of titanium. Delgado cork handles in absolute top quality The black anodized aluminum reel seat includes maple wood spacer on the 4wt and 5wt, all in traditional Scandinavian design.

+ 5-piece construction.
+ Full Wells cork handle with fighting butt.
+ Delivered in a high-quality rod tube.

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