Rapala Karbon Trout Net

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Rapala Karbon Trout Net is the perfect full carbon net for trout fishing. As it is extremely light and compact, it is simple to hang on your back using a magnetic clip and the supplied karabiner to clip to your belt for extra security, leaving no chance of losing your net. You will always have it ready when needed in 2 seconds!

+ Rubber-coated tangle-free mesh (12 mm)
+ Carbon 3k hoop and handle
+ Folding construction
+ Single-hand operation
+ Non-slip handle
+ Additional loop on the handle to hang the net with a magnetic clip
+ 30 cm elastic lanyard with stainless steel carabiner

Total length: 82 cm
Dimensions: 40 cm x 30 cm
Weight: 309 g
Net depth: 35 cm

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