Simms Intruder BiComp Shirt, sky

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Take fishing comfort and functionality seriously. A woven polyester main body that blocks sun and breathes easy paired with stretchy side panels for massive mobility when pulling on oars or putting rods to work.

+ Tech-rich, stain-fighting top that enhances range of motion and provides ample storage for essentials.
+ Quick‐drying, wicking, anti‐odor & UPF 30
+ Unique knit cuffs provide protection, stay in place when pulled up
+ Zip chest pockets for on-water essentials
+ Stretch side panels enhance mobility and provide stain protection
+ Convenient sunglasses chamois

Fabric Tech: Body fabric- 77 gsm 100% polyester; Side underarm fabric- 124 gsm 100% polyester
Size: S-3XL

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