Simms Bugstopper Solarflex Guide Cooling Hoody, riperian camo

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When your daily ops include biting bugs, blazing heat, and observant targets, this hooded fishing shirt has you fully covered. The SolarFlex® and BugStopper® fabric combo keep you on the water longer while the Brrr triple chill effect provides maximum cooling comfort.

+ An athletic-built hoody that is cool to the touch from the moment you pick it up. The Brrr° triple effect starts out cool and keeps you cool all day long. A knit construction combined with key venting side panels allows for maximum comfort and stretch.
+ Treated with Insect Shield to keep the biting bugs off
+ The three-paneled hood is designed to shield you from the sun and snaps onto the integrated gaiter or to itself to ensure the hood stays on while driving at maximum speed
+ A newly designed integrated gaiter protects your nose, mouth, neck, and ears from the suns’ harmful rays. A unique stay strap added to the back top of the gaiter secures your hat in place when running and allows for ease in fit

Fabric Tech: 94% brrr nylon, 6% elastane knit, 145 gsm
Size: S-3XL

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