Pelagic Aquatek Hoody Flying YFT, white

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The AquaTek Hooded Sunshirt provides performance-minded sportsmen around the globe with the comfort and protection needed from the harsh elements of the marine environment. Featuring UPF 50+ hooded sun protection to protect from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, and water repellency & stain guard treatments that beads up and dumps off liquids to keep your shirt looking like new. Add in ventilated airflow panels and an incredibly comfortable & lightweight nylon-stretch fabric, it is easy to see why the Aquatek is the #1 choice of performance fishing shirts amongst professional captains worldwide.

+ UPF 50+ Sun Protection
+ Stretch-Flex Fabric
+ Vented Underarm
+ Water Repellency & Stain Guard
+ Loose Cut for Ultimate Comfort
+ Anti-Microbial

Material: 100% Nylon
Size: S-XL

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