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Laxa Fly Vest features high performance at the right price! It has all the pockets and features you will ever need.

Laxa Fly Vest is made of a solid and fast drying 320 denier nylon fabric, the innside features a mesh for good breathability. The shoulders and neck has a padded cusion for comfort- and even distribution of weight when heavily loaded up. All zippers are top quality from YKK and the vest has elastic adjustment in the hem for a snug fit. The two vertical pockets on the chest are suitable for boxes like our slim and small ultra light. The large waist pockets can take the largest Dewitt 18 room boxes and Large C&F.

+ One retractor each side of the chest for tools etc.
+ The back features a large roomy back pocket with side entrance for food, clothing, etc. and a smaller horizontal pocket on top of the large.
+ D-ring on upper right chest for carrying tools, etc.
+ Toolbar with holes for fastening tools on the left side chest pocket.
+ D-ring in the neck for carrying the net.
+ Right chest pocket has an outer pocket of black, flexible mesh.
+ Left chest pocket has an outer pocket for leaders, gadgets etc. and a removable foam patch for drying your flies.
+ Waist pockets has 2 outer pockets each side for streamside stuff etc.
+ Waist Pockets = 210mm wide x 130mm tall x 40mm deep.
+ Chest Pockets = 140mm tall x 120mm wide x 20mm deep.
+ Rodholder which closes with velcro on top and cordura loop in bottom.
+ Large horizontal inner pocket each side.

Sizes: S-XXL.
Color: dk. grey

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