Mulinello Loop OPTi Strike, nero

tempo di consegna 2-4 giorni lavorativi
599,00 €°

Capacita' WF-8-F + 250yds. (Backing del #30)
peso 260g, dimensioni 115 x 32mm

Mulinello per code di topo dal 8 al 9 
Large Arbor Design, per un recupero veloce
Rivestitura impermeabile ed anti-corrosione 
Freno ultra regolabile Power-Matrix Hi-Tech resistente al calore
Facile cambio bobina 
Struttura e bobina in alluminio aeronautico e acciaio inox
Finitura anodizzata Tipo2
Segnalatore acustico in direzione di uscita
Custodia Mulinello pelle
30 anni garanzia

Any experienced saltwaterfishermen will admit that keeping kontact in the fight with fast moving ocean species is vital to be successfull. Another thing is a break system that performs flawless be it wet or dry, cold or warm and in the harsh environment of the salty flats. And this reel has it all! If you're looking for the ultimate reel for Bonefish, Pike and bigger Trout, take the Runner perfect for #6-8!
Opti Speedrunner and Opti Megaloop and "BIG" are big as bicycle wheels and spin just as fine. With it's super large arbour it allows for a high speed retrieve when battling high speed fish.The Narrow width of the unique shaped spool (pat. pend.) makes the line fall into place during the retrieve. Other finesses are bevelled spool and the ergonomic handle that makes the line slide off without getting tangled. Opti reels come in sizes from Creek to BIG. The whole series has the silky smooth Power Matrix braking system, callibrated for each reel and its area of use. The Opti reel will be your best friend for life.

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