Mulinelli Vision XO Fly Reel

299,00 €
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The Vision XO fly reel. A premium fly reel requires a world-class brake, plenty of line capacity, a light but still solid construction and last but definitely not least a unique design to clearly separate it from all the other reels on the market. Those were our main targets with XO fly reels. The light, large-arbour reel with a well tested brake design and cool outlook is our new premium product to nicely complement our premium XO fly rods.

The 3-4 class reel is made with an adjustable click brake for the needed lightness, whereas the #5-6 and #7-8 class reels have a proper disc brake.

The 9-10 and 10-12 series have the bomb-proof brake on the XLB roll.

All moving parts are greased with SKF's water resistant bearing grease.

+ Large arbour, light weight
+ Sealed disc brake on 5/6 up to 10/12
+ Adjustable click brake on 3/4
+ Built in counter balance
+ SKF bearing grease

#3-4 85 mm 65 g WF4+50 m (20 lbs. Backing)
#5-6 95 mm 123 g WF6+50 m (20 lbs. Backing)
#7-8 103 mm 135 g WF8+150 m (20 lbs. Backing)
#9-10 109 mm 255 g Hybrid 25g + 200m (36 lbs. Backing)
#10-12 114 mm 262 g Hybrid 45g + 200m (36 lbs. Backing)
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