Lieblingsköder Diesel Shads

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The rubber compound of your "Lieblingsköder" is soft enough to be sucked in and folded by pikeperch and co. And at the same time so firm that it guarantees a secure hold on the jig head.
Other predatory fish such as pike and perch also like to eat it.
The action of the shovel tail is high-frequency and moves even when the bait is guided slowly. The rubber fish has small grooves on the sides, which also give the body a subtle flank movement.

Length: 5 cm, 6 cm, 7 cm, 7,5 cm, 10 cm, 12,5 cm, 15 cm
Target fish: perch, zander, (pike)
Characteristics: Soft rubber compound, high-frequency cock action, super run even with light pull
Package Contents: 6 rubber fish (5 cm), 6 rubber fish (6 cm), 5 rubber fish (7 cm), 5 rubber fish (7,5 cm), 4 rubber fish (10 cm, 12,5 cm), 3 rubber fish (15 cm)

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