Keitech Tungsten Mono Guard Jigs, #2

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The Tungsten Mono Round Jigs from Keitech are particularly suitable for ultra-light fishing for perch and trout. The hand-glued Mono Fiber Brush Guard allows almost 100% hanger-free fishing. The hooks from DECOY have a specially shaped leg, which gives it additional load-bearing capacity and guarantees a high number of bites. The small sleeve holds the soft bait securely in place without damaging it.

Model: DECOY jighing hook
Color: Black-Nickel
Size: approx. 2.46 cm x 1.03 cm (length x width)
Wire thickness: approx. 0.75 mm
#2.7g (3/32 oz.) - 4 pcs.
#3.5g (1/8 oz.) - 3 pcs.

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