Hardy Mach Trout Flyline, float

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The Mach series trout lines feature a heavily-engineered compound taper that offers distance, control and presentation from both short to maximum ranges. The lines are built on a low-memory supple core with a durable, liquid slick, PVC impregnated coating. They also feature welded tip loops. And, of course, they are AFTM size specific to meet the needs of the most demanding single handed anglers.
Fourteen lines in the range cover the majority of situations any trout angler will meet during the course of a typical season. The wide variety of floating, intermediate and sinking lines make these the immediate choice for the serious angler.

105 feet length
Supplied with braided loops
Twin colour floaters for easier casting and bite detection
"Liquid slick" lubrication system
AFTN size specific tapers. 

Color: Ice Blue/Sunrise

Model                        Code        AFTM Tip (in)Front Taper (in)Belly (in)Belly 2 (in)Rear Taper (in)Running Line (in)Sink Rate (IPS)Head (ft)Total Length (ft)  
Mach Float WF5 HLMF05 WF-5 6 96 180 144 132 708 N/A 46 105
Mach Float WF6 HLMF06 WF-6 6 108 180 144 144 684 N/A 48 105
Mach Float WF7 HLMF07 WF-7 6 120 180 144 156 660 N/A 50 105
Mach Float WF8 HLMF08 WF-8 6 132 180 144 168 636 N/A 52 105
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