Coda WF Guideline High Water Evolve

tempo di consegna 2-4 giorni lavorativi
84,90 €°

High Water is one of the nicest lines we have ever developed. It is dedicated to presentation fishing at medium to long range. It is built with a smooth 13,4-14,6 m/14,7- 16,0 yds. long head, which sets controlled, parallel loops from mid-distance to the full line length.

The drawn out back taper gives the line good flexibility in the handling of line outside the rod tip. High Water is produced in ACT (Advanced Coating Technology), maybe the most advanced coating quality available today.

length: 27,5 m
color: light green head/pastel green running line
available in class: WF-3-F to WF-7-F

Guideline High Water WF-Fly Line

Line Class
Head Weight
Head Length
Total Length
WF 3   11 gr / 170 grain   13,7 m   27,5 m
WF 4   13 gr / 200 grain   14,0 m   27,5 m
WF 5   15 gr / 231 grain   14,3 m   27,5 m
WF 6   17 gr / 262 grain   14,6 m   27,5 m
WF 7   19 gr / 293 grain   14,6 m   27,5 m
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