Guideline Ghillie Lanyard

Disponibilità immediata, tempo di consegna 1-3 giorni lavorativi
23,90 €°

A fishing lanyard is a very useful accessory that will keep the most used fishing tools within reach. The most important characteristic of a lanyard is that it will help you carry as many supplies as necessary while wandering rivers, streams or sitting in your boat.

Delivery without accessories!

Wearing the Ghille lanyard is very comfortable thanks to it´s neoprene band on the top half of the lanyard.
Tippet dispenser with space for 7 spools of Power Strike or similar.
Above the tippet dispenser there is a tubular foam fly patch on both left and right side.
Break away feature for safety. And it also lets you take the lanyard on/off without needing to adjust the neckstrap.
Just below the tippet dispenser there are two swivels with clip for accessories.
The two lower clips are easy to remove and suit your clipper and forceps very well.
Don’t worry about snags or unwanted movements because the lanyard has at its bottom a bulldog clip that will attach to waders or to your shirt.

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