Greys G3 Polarized Sunglasses, green mirror

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The sunglasses from Greys are the ultimate sunglasses for fishing with the best possible materials at an affordable price. All racks have a high percentage of biomaterial with a much lower CO2 footprint. The lenses are made entirely from shatter-proof polarized polycarbonate, a water-repellent material that reduces water stains and greatly simplifies cleaning. The lenses significantly reduce glare, provide maximum UV protection, and the rear anti-reflection coating reduces glare from the back of the glass for less eye strain.

+ Shatterproof polarized polycarbonate lenses.
+ Water-repellent coating on glasses to avoid water spots and easier cleaning.
+ Anti-reflection coating for less Glare through the glass back, more comfortable view with less eyestrain.
+ Decentered lenses for superior optics.
+ Frame consists of over 50% biomaterial, which reduces the CO2 emissions and the
Environment protects.
+ All sunglasses will be delivered with Microfiber bag supplied for cleaning of glass and case

Lens Color: Green Mirror
Frame Color: Matt Carbon

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