Fox Knives Military Devision Rescue Diving Knife

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12,90 €

The FKMD Rescue is equally well suited for numerous applications. As a rescue knife in the car, as a chop knife when skydiving, mountaineering or kayaking or even when diving. Due to the large handle opening, the knife can be pulled comfortably with one or two fingers in order to cut the harness, net or a line safely and in a controlled manner with a pulling cut. The lightweight plastic sheath with clip and lanyard hole keeps the Rescue ready to hand at all times. The AISI 301 stainless steel with very high corrosion resistance is specifically designed for maritime use. The signal-colored FRN handle and the sheath of the same color make it easy to find the knife quickly.

Overall Length: 15,5 cm
Weight: 55 g
Blade Material: AISI 301
Handle Material: FRN

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