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Jurassic Lake Lodge | Argentina

Jurassic Lake - the most prolific trophy rainbow fishery on the planet

Jurassic Lake Lodge is a world-class fishing operation located in one of the most remote and wild places of the Argentine Patagonia. The lodge is strategically located at a walking distance from the mouth of one significant tributary of lake Strobel: the Barrancoso river.

The Fishing

Jurassic Lake Lodge guides are all long time local anglers with the knowledge on the techniques and tactics to give you the best fishing experience possible. Either a novice fisherman or expert, our guides will show you proven methods to maximise your fishing. Lago Strobel is nothing short of a biological anomaly and must be the most prolific trophy rainbow fishery on the planet. The lake itself is a large desert sink lake measuring approximately 20 by 15 km. And while it looks like a saltwater body of water with its wind-chopped, blue water channels and shelves, it is teaming with small scuds and massive rainbow trout. Here the rainbow trout average over 10 pounds with countless fish in the mid-teens as well as good numbers of fish into the 20+ pound class. The Barrancoso river is a pristine freestone river that runs almost entirely trough our property, from the headwaters at the Mountain Dos Cuernos to the mouth at the Strobel Lake, this unique river holds the best fishing for trophy rainbows in the world. While fishing is done in most of the lake, our lodge is privileged to have the best beats of the lake the only river mouth and nearly most of Barrancoso river and several lagoons.