Fish Skull Baitfish Heads

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1.Tie in all of your materials first. Finish by creating a small thread head and whip finish. Note: Be sure to leave a small gap between the thread head and the hook eye in ordert o fit the skull.

2.Lightly coat the thread wraps and fit the Fish-Skull™ tot he fly and fit the Fish-Skull™ tot he fly from the front oft he hook.
Note: The „keel“ (the thicker, heavier part oft he skull) is always positioned at the bottom The weighted keel allows you to tie streamer flies in either the hook up or hook down position.

3.Re-attach your tying thread and tie a small „thread dam“ between the Fish-Skull™ and the eye oft he hook. Tie off and use head cement. Finish the fly by securing the fish eyes in the eye sockets with a spot of super glue. Color: dark grey and golden chartreuse

S/M (#1-4) - 0,8 g
S (#4-8) - 0,4 g
M (#1/0-1) - 1,2 g
L (#4/0-2/0) - 2,4 g 

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