Fish Arrow Flash J Shads, 3''

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The Fish Arrow Flash J Shad 3 - the reference when fishing perch with action shads!

Hardly any other Japanese bait has caused as much sensation in Germany as the Flash J Shad 3 from Fish Arrow! With its total length of approx. 8 cm and a weight of just under 4 grams, our reference can be successfully fished for perch on almost any assembly using almost any method.

In contrast to many other brands, Fish Arrow Japan concentrates on the Flash J Shad 3 on a wide selection of the most realistic possible decors in a semi-transparent rubber mixture. The silver foil that shimmers through especially in the area of the flanks and the belly side gives the Action Shad an additional incentive, which in difficult cases seems to tip the scales. When choosing the colors, use the prey fish in your body of water as a guide. You're almost always right!

Length: 8 cm
Weight: 3.9g
Package content: 7 pieces.

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