Pro SoftDisc

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The soft disc is an ingenious new design which gives the tier absolute freedom of creation. The disc is designed to be mounted in front of the fly, where it is possible to change either the size of the disc, the color or even with the cone shape inverted giving the fly a much more erratic swimming pattern. The unique thing with Pro Softdisc™ is that you can change size and color on the fly you fish on stream. This is easily done by just pulling of the SoftDisk and replace for a different one in color and/or size!!!

#S (? 6 mm) - 10 pieces per pack
#M (? 8 mm) - 9 pieces per pack
#L (? 10 mm) - 8 pieces per pack
#XL (? 12 mm) - 7 pieces per pack

A lot of tiers are also using the disc as a wing raiser behind the head, giving volume without being visible. 4 sizes and 16 different colors accommodates the needs of even the most hardcore flytyer. A top flexible product with unlimited potential. Now we're talking truly endless possibilities!
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