Coda Hardy Marksman, float

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The Marksman range of trout lines sets the standard. Twenty-eight models in the range give you a choice from floaters through sink tips and intermediates right down to ultra-fast sinkers. They have been designed specifically to meet the demands of modern angling on both still and running waters. They come supplied with high quality braided loops and they are totally AFTM compliant. We love the soft, subtle, braided core to the lines that means line memory is a thing of the past. We recommend the mono core clear sink tips and intermediates.

Two braided loops as standard
AFTM size specific taper design. AFTM compliant
96 feet overall length
Mono core clear sink tips and intermediates
Large range of sink tip and full sinking options. 

Color: Buckskin

Model                              Code           AFTM     Tip (in )Front Taper (in)Belly (in)Rear Taper (in)Running Line (in)Sink Rate (IPS)Head (ft)Total Length (ft)  
Marksman Float WF4 HLMK04 WF-4-F 6 72 324 66 672 N/A 38 96
Marksman Float WF5 HLMK05 WF-5-F 6 78 336 66 696 0is 40 96
Marksman Float WF6 HLMK06 WF-6-F 6 84 348 72 648 0 is 42 96
Marksman Float WF7 HLMK07 WF-7-F 6 90 360 78 624 0 is 44 96
Marksman Float WF8 HLMK08 WF-8-F 6 96 372 84 600 0 is 46 96
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