Fishpond Westbank Wading Belt

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54,90 €

Why just have a belt to secure your waders and support your back? We thought about what other functions a belt might serve and we created a purposeful spot for your net, attachment slots for a Quikshot rod holder, a floating “rail” where you can strap on packs, water bottle holders, wading staffs, and all sorts of river accessories. The game has changed, and you can expect more.

+ Made from thermoformed foam for comfort around your waist
+ Built in net holster holds mostly any size net handle
+ Wader belt ‘rail’ allows you to attach other items to the belt keep the belt while keeping net in place
+ Slots for attachment of Quikshot Rod Holder

Belt padding: 32”long x 4.5” high
Webbing maximum length: 63”

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