Scott Tidal #9 9' Canna Mosca

tempo di consegna 2-4 giorni lavorativi
549,00 €°

Coda: AFTM 9, lunghezza: 9'0" (2.75m), peso: -g, 4 pezzi, peso/coda: 20-22g

Action: Fast Action 
Grezzo materiale: ARC composite Grafite
Colore: Grigio opaco Finish 
Impugnatura: Sughero con fighting butt, qualità AAA
Portamulinello: Alluminio 
Anelli: Passanti a serpentina e stripping guide finitura chromeTube in alluminio 
Made in USA
30 anni Garanzia

Choosing a fly rod to fish the world’s saltwater species clearly isn’t the easy way. It’s the Hard Way. But, for those of us who pursue this challenge, the rewards come from our methods as much as our results. 
We designed the new Tidal saltwater fly rods to make the challenges a little less, well... challenging. Accurate presentations to cruising fish and good turnover into the wind are now easier than ever. These salt specific rods load quickly, generate high line speed with a relaxed casting stroke, and have ample power to control hard fighting fish.

Like all Scott fly rods, they’re handcrafted start to finish in our Colorado workshop by skilled rod builders using the best materials available. Tidal rods come in models to cover any species or situation you’ll encounter on the flats or open waters.

Take the new Tidal series fly rods on your next saltwater adventure. They’ll make the Hard Way a bit easier… and might even make your guide smile, too

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