Carinthia Tropen sacco a pelo

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The sleeping bags of our wildlife series are geared towards people who often spend the nights outdoors or who remain motionless outdoors for whatever reason: nature watchers, film makers, photographers, hunters or adventurers. Therefore these wildlife models are cut slightly wider and are a muted olive colour.

When ruggedness, sturdiness and versatility matter—nature watching, hunting and fishing, backpacking and trips with all-terrain vehicles, extended use in tent camps.

Outer shell: Shelltrans
Inner lining: Shelltrans
the integrated mosquito net provides perfect sleeping conditions
temperture ranges: comfort female 8° / comfort male 5° / extreme -12°C
100% Made in Europe
Available sizes: M, L

Size M                                                   Size L
Length: 185                                         Length: 200
Shoulder: 85                                       Shoulder: 87
Foot: 60                                                Foot: 65
Pack Size: 18 x 28                              Pack Size: 18 x 35
Weight: 1100g                                    Weight: 1300g

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