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The original XO series has been a great success. Vision decided that once the series was well accepted they would introduce some additional models on which we have been working for the past two seasons. So here you are a great 10' #3 for modern nymph techniques and the ultimate heavy streamer and single hand salmon rod 9'6" #8. The fabric job of the rod is amazing. It comes with AAAA Portuguese cork and REC nickel titanium alloy guides. The precision machined aluminium reel seat underlines Visions the high quality standards for the XO rods.

+ Medium fast action
+ Four piece rods
+ Unsanded & unpainted blank for the best action
+ Novel silica nano resin combined with a mix of ifferent carbon fibres
+ Finnish Curly Birch wooden insert
+ Up-locking precision machined aluminium reel seat
+ AAAA Portuguese cork with rubber cork reinforcements
+ Patented single leg REC nickel titanium alloy guides
+ Titanium stripping guides from America Tackle Co.
+ Supplied in a custom aluminium tube with engraved metal end caps together with a cloth bag

8'0'' / 2.44m #4 4 66g
9'0" / 2,75m #5 4 74g
9'0" / 2,75m #6 4 77g
9'6" / 2,90m #7 4 96g
9'6" / 2,75m #8 4 98g
10' / 3,05m #3 4 79g
10' / 3,05m #4 4 81g
10' / 3,05m #7 4 104g
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