Böker Tech Tool GITD Orange Pocket Knife

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29,90 €

The history of the Boker Manufactory began in 1869 with the Boker sports knife, an ancestor of all modern multifunctional pocketknives. After almost 150 years of successful model history, it was time to take this traditional concept into the present. The modernized design is based on solid steel plates. It has handle scales in signal colors made from a glow-in-the-dark plastic that provides considerable illumination in the dark. If the scales are 'charged' by daylight or a flashlight, the knife can easily be found even in the dark. It features a large blade, a glass breaker and a repositionable clip.

Overall Length: 16,7 cm
Blade Length: 7,1 cm
Blade Thickness: 2,3 mm
Weight: 50 g
Blade Material: 12C27
Handle Material: Synthetic

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