Berkley Sick Bug, 7 cm

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The Berkley Sick range is a family of 6 types of softbaits, designed to cover every situation you will face on the water. The Sick Bug is specially designed for slow retrieval. The soft textured rubber, multiple appendages and two oversized twister tails and antenna create maximum movement, vibration and perceptibility under water. Even at minimal speed. On top of that, every bait is packed with UV flakes, which makes the bait stand out in both clear and dark conditions. The bait performs outstanding on the Carolina rig, but also delivers on the Texas rig, as a jig trailer or on a regular jig head.

+ PowerBait scented softbaits.
+ Very souple material.
+ Life-like colour patterns with UV details.
+ Flattened body moves perfectly along the bottom.
+ Super flexible appendages give an enticing action.
+ Perfect for Carolina Rigging, Texas Rigging and other softbait presentation.

Length: 7 cm

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