Westin W3 C&R Landing Net

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The Catch & Release Landing Nets are packed with smart solutions and details you've never seen before. Knotless rubber coated mesh that protects the fish mucus and reduces hook tangles. Laser engraved measure on the handle so you can measure your catch in seconds. Double button locking system for fast and easy stow-away. We also attached a cord in the XL net mesh which prevents the mesh from getting stuck or tangled. Just before netting the fish you simply release the cord and the mesh folds out and your new personal best is secured!

+ Engraved measure on handle
+ Knotless rubber coated mesh - fish friendly
+ Big mesh on sides and smaller on bottom, less water resistance * + EVA handle with Westin logo
+ Anti-hook tangle
+ Mesh holder, one hand quick release cord (removable)
+ Double button locking system
+ Strong and lightweight design
+ Westin Viking Helmet printed in bottom

Large: 60 W x 70 L x 50 cm Deep - handle length 100 cm
XL: 70 W x 85 L x 80 cm Deep - handle length 120 cm

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