Vixen New Foresta Binocular

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Atrek Binoculars Feature

Waterproof (Nitrogen Filled)
Fully Multi-coated Optics
Easy to grip and take anywhere
Detachable Objective Covers
BaK4 Prism
100% waterproof

Vixen's top of the line Roof Prism Binocular. Vixen's NEW Foresta HR Binoculars feature "Reflection enhanced coating" on the prism surface which allows for High Resolution, with bright, crisp images even in low light. The Open Hinge Design is lightweight and easy to hold and focus with one hand. The New Foresta has attached lens covers to protect the lens form dust and dirt, but remain attached so there is little chance of losing them. Full Multi-Coating is applied to the entire lens surface. All New Foresta Binoculars are Waterproof.

      Real FOV       Field of view       Exit Pupil       Brightness        Close/Focus       Eye Relief        Weight       Size     
8x32 DCF
    140m/1000m   4.0mm                   16.0   3.0m   17.5mm   560g   13.5x13.3cm
10x32 DCF
  6.5°   114m/1000m   3.2mm   10.2   3.0m   15.0mm    560g   13.5x13.3cm
8x42 DCF
  7.4°   129m/1000m   5.3mm   28.1   3.0m   18.0mm    655g   14.8x13.3cm
10x42 DCF
  6.5°   115m/1000m   4.2mm    17.6   3.0m   15.0mm    655g   14.8x13.3cm
10x50 DCF   5.3°   93m/1000m   5.0mm   25.0   4.0m   18.0mm   760g   16.8x13.5cm
8x50 DCF   5.6°   98m/1000m   6.2mm   39.0   3.5m   22.0mm   760g   16.8x13.5cm
8x56 DCF   7.2°   126m/1000m   7.0mm   21.16   2.5m   20.0mm   1222g   19.0x16.0cm
10x56 DCF   6.5°   114m/1000m   5.6mm   31.4   3.5m   17.0mm   1222g   19.0x16.0cm
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