Vixen Ascot Binocular

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Fully Multi-coated Optics
Long Eye-Relief
Center Focus
Porro Prisms
Wide Field of view
100% waterproof (not Ascot Zoom)

The Ascot Binocular Series are portable, compact porro prism binoculars. Multi layered coating provide a bright field of view.
These great introductory binoculars feature long eye relief and a wide field of view.

      Real FOV       Field of view       Exit Pupil       Brightness        Close/Focus       Eye Relief        Weight       Size     
10x50 Super Wide
  8.5°   148m/1000m   5.0mm                   25.0   5.7m   7.0mm   875g   15.5x18.0cm
ZR 8x32 CFW
  8.2°   143m/1000m   4.0mm   16.0   4.5m   15.0mm    830g   11.3x17.7cm
ZR 8x42 CFW
  8.2°   143m/1000m   5.3mm   28.1   6.0m   18.0mm    870g   13.3x18.1cm
ZR 7x50 CF
  6.4°   112m/1000m   7.1mm    50.4   9.0m   17.0mm    1015g   17.0x18.8cm
ZR 10x50CFW
  6.5°   113m/1000m   5.0mm   25.0   9.0m   18.0mm 1040g   17.0x18.8cm
ZR 8-32x50 Zoom
  4.2-2.0° 73-35m/1000   6.3-1.6mm   39.7-2.6   19.5m   18.0mm   1025g   19.4x18.8cm
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