TMC 765 TC - Hooks

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This ultramodern 5.5 X long streamer hook that features the Limerick bend and straight TC point could go well with classic streamer patterns as well. This is an ideal hook for muddler minnow, sculpin patterns, zonkers and other contemporary streamers. Tiemco TC - new series of wet and streamer hooks that feature super-sharp cutting point. Its edges of the point lowers the resistance of penetration and then pierces a fish's mouth easily.

TC stands for Tiemco Cut and means those hooks will bring you a new world of hooking and holding ability.

Streamer, D/E, Tapered loop-eye, wire 0x-3x heavy, 5.5x lang, 1.5x Wide gape, Limerick, TCS point, Black nickel

Sizes: 6, 8, 10

Per box of 10

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