Smhaen Bobbin Midge Blue #2

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The SMHAEN bobbin is the only super functional, micro adjustable-tension fly tying bobbin in the world today. Whether you're a beginner or a professional fly tyer the bobbin delivers maximum thread control, thanks to a unique patented tension system, placed so you are able to adjust tension with only one finger, while still working on your fly.

Thanks to the perfectly designed ergonomic frame shape, you don’t even feel the internal tension system in your hand, A ceramic tube, and the well balanced bobbin holder, gives you perfect thread control.

+ Ceramic tube
+ Internal tension system
+ Perfectly balanced weight
+ Funnel for easy threading
+ Fit for different spool sizes
+ Ergonomic grips
+ Perfect hold in the hand

Weight: 17 g
Length: 8,7 cm
Spool size: L= 2,8 cm to 3,35 cm.
Spool diameter: 2,5 cm

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