Stroft GTM Tapered Nylon Leader, 9 ft. (2,80 m)

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Knotless trout and grayling leader made from GTM Stroft Nylon material. Due to the special taper construction this leader has excellent unwinding properties. This makes it easier for you to make an accurate presentation, as the power is optimally transferred to the fly during the cast. The leaders in high diameters are perfect for sea trout and light saltwater fishing!

Optimal stretching and rolling characteristics, highest knot braking strength, lowest perceptibility, shock absorbing

Length: 9 ft. (2,75 m)

Available with different tip diameters from 0.12 mm to 0.42 mm.

+ The best material (STROFT GTM) with the highest braking strength, lowest possible perceptibility and reflection, high abrasion resistance and viscoplastic suppleness.
+ An optimally matched design, the degressive tapering, for highly effective power transmission with targeted presentation of the fly.
+ A shock-absorbing stretching of the club and the middle section for a safe landing of the fish.
+ Delivered on small leader boards, fits in every angler's bag and fits into the STROFT leader case.

Made in Germany.


Diameter / braking strength of the leader tip:

0.10 mm 1.2 kg
0.12 mm 1.6 kg
0,14 mm 2,2 kg
0,17 mm 2,9 kg
0,20 mm 3,6 kg
0,22 mm 4,3 kg
0,25 mm 5,3 kg
0,27 mm 6,3 kg
0,32 mm 7,5 kg
0,37 mm 9,0 kg
0,42 mm 11,0 kg

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