Guideline Shooter

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The “Shooter” has been Guidelines best selling shooting line for several years. A great line for Salmon fishing when you`re wading deep. The hollow core is filled with air-cells that make the line float. This coupled with the shape of the line make sure it does not get stuck in the water. A floating shooting line is also best when fishing small flies on low rivers since you need to fish the fly at a faster pace than the current, while a sinking one will slow down the fly.

The 50 lbs. version is recommended for all double handed rods line weight #10 and up while the 35 lbs is ment for single handed rods #7-9 and for double handed rods #7/8 – 9/10.

Available in: 35 and 50 lbs.
Color: orange
Length: 30 Meter / floating

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