Guideline 4Cast Sink III-Tip WF-Fly Line

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Following the success of the 4CAST floater - we now introduce three more models in the 4CAST range. Combining the easy-loading profile of the 4CAST with the popular POWER TAPER F/S shooting head concept adds a new dimension to fishing. Choose between Sink1, Sink3 and Sink5 tips for a perfect match to the conditions. The longer, 15’ sinking tips make these lines more efficient and at the same time less prone to spooking fish because they put the floating portion of the line further away. A carefully developed front taper eliminates hinging and makes casting a joy. Stillwater anglers will find these new 4CAST lines very effective. River fishermen will also benefit as the taper makes the lines easy to spey cast.

Head length: 10,8 m (WF-5-F/S) up to 11,6 m (WF-8-F/S)
length: 27 m
color: black tip / faded green
available in class: WF-5-F/Sink3 to WF-8-F/Sink3


Guideline 4Cast Sink-Tip WF-Fly Line

Line Class
Head Weight
Head Length
Total Length
Sink Rate
WF 5   12 gr / 185 grain   10,8 m   27,5 m   13 sec/m
WF 6   14 gr / 216 grain   11,1 m   27,5 m   13 sec/m
WF 7   16 gr / 247 grain   11,4 m   27,5 m   13 sec/m
WF 8   18 gr / 278 grain   11,7 m   27,5 m   13 sec/m
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